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So it's been a while, but I've just got to get something off my chest and that's what this blog is here for.
My sister and I do not communicate well. In fact if we weren't related I doubt we ever speak to each other. We're literally opposites, and they really don't attract.

Until she was 19 (I was 15) it was very clear she resented my existence. Then we reached a sort of truce where we got better at pretending that we could tolerate each other.

This isn't to say we aren't sisterly, we borrow each others clothes, help each other (OK I help her 99% of the time) and on odd occasions have a giggle. I adore my nephew and would do anything for them.

A few years ago I came to the conclusion that part of our rift was because I had very high expectations of her, and judged her against those. So I had to take an active step, perhaps I should keep my judgement to myself and see her for what she is. It really helped, I didn't feel anxious whenever she messed u…