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15. Venchi

I look away for a moment and  another gelato shop pops up in Covent Garden. Venchi does chocolate and gelato so I had very high expectations.  First the veneer is lovely the place looks super shiny and new. Which is good way to start, the first thing I do is stare at the flavours because the boards are positioned so high up and at such a steep angle that they aren't tag easy to see. I eventually figured out is £3.50 for a single scoop, be warned it's not the most generous scoop for the price either. 
What I do notice is that is little to no queue, OK its December but the area is heaving with people and no one is in this place not even for the chocolate. After some disappointingly cold and pretty much uninterested service I can eventually pay and order. As dark chocolate is the control flavour that what I get. 
Not that I opted not to get two scoops at the last moment because by not I'm getting rather impatient.  I can report the 75% dark chocolate is fairly powerful, ther…