NHS needs our support more than ever

I just got off the phone with my mum about her test results. She's awaiting surgery and needs some tests before a date can be confirmed.

Right now we don't know if its cancer but given the situation, the surgeon and nurse feel there is a high likelihood. Best operate now and deal with the illness fully.

How did we find out?

She went to a routine NHS colon screening check. One the NHS offers to people over a certain age to screen for bowel cancer. This is not a service that is mandatory. But thanks to this very screening the doctors and nurses we able to catch my mum's condition before she showed any out ward symptoms. They started treating her right away. A nurse has been checking up on my mum since.

We met with the nurse and surgeon last week to talk about what they found and the next steps.

I cannot praise the medical staff enough, they explained everything, answered our questions and immediately started booking the pre-surgery screenings.

Usually I'm rather private about things around my family, so to explain the reason I'm posting this now - was after again reading the news this morning.
This morning, this week, last week and for years now the NHS has been constantly under attack.
And let's be honest here - the NHS is not perfect.

It is certainly underfunded and understaffed. Even at the best of times, things go wrong and yes as awful as it is people have died and those cases need to be looked at as well as the wider issues and causes. I have experienced first hand how medical negligence can have terrible repercussions.

However, I'm also lucky, my family, friends and I have had the benefit of free medical care when we've needed it. I think of all the people I know that are alive today because of the NHS, all those that didn't survive illness but still had the support of the NHS and I worry about a future without it.

While the NHS is still here I know my mother is going to get the best treatment that the NHS is able to provide and I'm endlessly grateful.

The fact remains though, the NHS need help and support and we should all be worried what it would mean to live without it.


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