13. Gelateria 3BIS

The silence is over, and it is OK, I've not been on a diet.
The summer is here and that means time for more gelato.
I had the pleasure of going for a Thames walk the other day with my friend Jo. While we may of had cake for dinner (it was scrumptious) I couldn't resist popping into the Gelateria 3BIS in London's famous Borough Market.

One of the best parts of this little shop is that it's open until 11pm, so there is no excuse not to give it a try. I used to go here when I worked in London Bridge, with the market buzz the queues could be rather long, but the staff are efficient and sort you out very fast. So if you do head down try a weekday evening after the main market has shut for the day. They have a decent amount of tables to sit at and enjoy your purchase and the river a hop away if you fancy a stroll.

On to the main event, I had a Kinder Bueno and Raspberry, not one of my best combination choices. Each worked well on their own but didn't really compliment each other. The Raspberry was pretty great, almost perfect, almost. It melted far to quickly. The only flaw I found, it was maybe a little too sweet for me but still very enjoyable. The Kinder was fairly average, I liked it but I think Amorino did a better version of the same flavour.

My friend Jo enjoyed her combo - I think she chose better then me! While we both quickly lapped up the gelato before our hands were covered and sticky, we did find the nice surprise of chocolate sauce in the bottom of the cone - winner!

I put the melting down to the fact it was warm that day, I almost took might tights off! So this score could easily be higher.

Flavour: Kinder Bueno - 3 | Raspberry 4
Texture: Soft and creamy but melted fast! 3
Price: £4.20 for a cone with two scoops 3
Experience: 5
Venue: 4
Total Score: 3.6


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