12. Morelli's

Morelli's Gelato

The good news is there is more Gelato out there. The bad news was, this isn't a good addition.

This place has the advantage of being right on my door step, so this was a dangerous prospect. I've no idea how long the Portobello Road branch has been there but I've certainly never noticed it. Being in a rush and happening on this place after I'd already eaten a huge lunch all I could manage was one scoop.

Given the high price it seems all I could afford was one scoop anyway. This might sound pedantic but that scoop did not fill the cup - like all the other places that really pack it in there. Nor were the staff particularly open to letting us try other flavours.

But I digress. I have to say while this wasn't the worst coconut I've had it was very disappointing. It was heavy and tasted more like a cheap ice cream then a light gelato. I was also overly cold. One of the things I enjoy about gelato is that it is lighter and a tad warmer, which makes it super runny and you have to gobble it before its gone. I also don't think the taste had infused that well because it tasted more like vanilla. Now its possible I picked badly or this was a great batch. But given the amount of choices around, I don't think I'll be going back.

Flavour: Coconut - 2.5
Texture: Heavy - 2
Price: £3.80 (1 scoop) - 2
Experience: 3
Venue: 3
Total Score: 2.25


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