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5. Gelato: Gelato Mio

Gelato Mio

I got halfway through my waffles and gelato before I remembered to take a picture. We went to the Holland Park branch of Gelato Mio and this time I branched out and got waffles (which were very yummy). The staff are nice, the flavours are plentiful and tasty. If you go towards the end of the day you can be disappointed as the major flavours might have sold out. One sad point is that you can no longer get two different flavours in a small cup, apparently there has been a change in policy which is a real shame.

 However whatever you do choose the taste and texture are excellent. This is my local gelato shop so I’ve tried most of their offerings, today was a dark chocolate and strawberry mix and neither disappointed. My guests were also rather pleased with their choices and I think we all gobbled up so fast I forgot to try more before it was all gone. The seats are comfy and this is great place to meet people and enjoy your dessert.

Be warned on Sunday afternoons there can be …