9. Gelato: Scoop


After a whole summer of eating my way around London it seemed that the time had come to review Scoop. For those who love gelato I'm sure you all know all about this chain. They have been on the scene for years and years and offer gelato cakes and delivery.

I've been saving a visit because I really wanted to see what London had to offer.

Last Friday the ban was lifted and off we went to South Kensington. I of course got carried away and had two flavours, chocolate and strawberry as well as a brownie. Considering a small is £4 (with one choice) and mine was about £5 I think I got the best value for money.

Firstly I must say the brownie was gorgeous! best brownie I've had for months, so rich in fact I had to give some away because I couldn't physically finish it.

The chocolate ice cream was nice and really that is all I can say about it. Nothing stood out and nothing irked me. There was a slight coffee taste to it, which was unexpected but not unwelcome.

The strawberry was another affair, this was possible the worst strawberry gelato I've ever had, so much so that I couldn't bring myself to eat more than half before giving up. My guests felt the same and declined to consume anymore.

While I'd happily go back for the brownie the rest left me rather unsatisfied. Given the high price I'd probably only eat the brownie next time.

Flavour: Chocolate - 3 | Strawberry - 1
Texture: Creamy - 3
Price: £4.00 (2 scoops) - 2
Experience: 2
Venue: 3
Total Score: 2.3


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