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7. Gelato: Joe Delucci's

Joe Delucci's

Last week I headed over to Westfields Stratford to give Joe Delucci's a try. I've seen a few of their parlors before - with the distinctive scooter style stools but never had the inclination to buy. I can't say after this tasting I'll be going back.

I ordered Chocolate and Strawberry and as I dipped in, something struck me.

I'd had this exactly same taste before.

Not the combination or the texture but the exact same taste to the very last morsel. I'm afraid to say this tasted like a perfect replica of Wall Neapolitan soft scoop. I was transported back to being about 8 years old again. While I enjoyed it I can't say I was overly impressed. I can buy a giant tub of Walls for about £1.80 - at £3.50 I was feeling a tad over charged.

My guest wasn't overly enthusiastic about the flavours either. She'd gone for Chocolate and Creme brulee. While the Creme was an improvement on the strawberry, it didn't taste much like what it professed…