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4. Gelato: La Gelatiera

La Gelatiera

The first time I tried this little place was in the interval for an performance of the Great Gatsby. We had 20 mins and all of it was spent eating the delicious offerings of La Gelatiera. Since then it has won a number of awards, at least all the stickers in the window say so and I would have agreed with them all.

Imagine my disappointment at arriving back this year to find that this lovely little business didn't live up to the hype.

I was able to get two flavours in the small cup, begrudgingly, but two things of note went with this. Firstly the staff seems rather annoyed at being asked for two choices and grumpily served us* and the amount in the cup was about half what all the other Gelato shops in London offer for pretty much the same size and price. The choice of flavours didn't excite me at all but I got the control group - dark chocolate, and settled on amaritti biscuit (there was another ingredient in this but as I couldn't taste it I'm not listing …