2. Gelato: Lick


Last night I went to Lick on Dean Street in Soho. I really wish I hadn't. The shop is pretty tiny so only a few seats but that didn't matter as it was pretty much deserted, I should of taken that as a warning.

The first issue I had is that you are only allowed one flavour for a small cup, not the end of the world but not wonderful either.
So I ordered the obligatory dark chocolate.

I'm a huge chocolate fan, hence this being my control group, the closer to 85% the happier I am. With this in mind I have to state what I was served was not chocolate.
You could barely discern and hint of chocolate.

Essential I had a cup of dark brown stuff that had a watery consistency. In an attempt to find taste I ate about 6 spoons, trying to dig to the centre. Eventually with no satisfaction I give up. It wasn't worth wasting calories or money on. My guest also tried two spoons before declaring it terrible and refusing to eat any more. There was much debate as to whether I should take the cup back.

I hope this explains the following scores:

Flavour: Dark Chocolate - 0
Texture: Watery - 0
Price: £3.50 - 3
Experience: 0
Venue: 2
Total Score: 1

It's rather a shame as I'd eaten in Lick a few times before and has a pleasant experienc.  It's sad and disappointing to see it go down hill.


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