1. Gelato: Amorino & Snowflake

Anyone who knows me has probably been dragged to a gelato place at some point or another and seen me gorge on gallons of deliciousness.

In a brilliant excuse to let me eat more gelato, for the sake of science and public good I'm going to start reviewing each gelato place I visit. Fortunately London has a wonderful number of these establishments so bring on the scoops.

All scores are out of 5 and I'll be evaluating the following: Flavour Texture, Price, Experience and Venue.

Dark chocolate is my control grou,  yummy yummy.

To kick things off a double review of two fantastic places.


I visited the Soho branch on Old Compton Street, there are often queues on weekend but don't be put off. The staff might take a little time to get to you but they make up for it in artistry as each cone is made to look like a flower. This is one of the few places that I'll order a cone over a cup, simply for the aesthetic value. Generally I find the cone can detract from the taste.
You pay first which is convenient, as it stops you trying to balance a purchase while hunting for money. The branch itself is very narrow and can get crowed. The descriptions are not very clear and if the store is busy you feel guilty trying too many before choosing. I had a dark chocolate and Cherry mix - my own black forest gateau. A unique point - they will let you have as many flavours as you can squeeze in to a cone cup. I tend to stick with two because I think too many can dull your palette and you forget to really taste each one properly, thus diminishing the experience.

Flavour: Cherry - 4 | Dark Chocolate - 4
Texture: Creamy, Smooth and Light - 4
Price (Small): £3.50 - 3
Experience: 3
Venue: 3
Total Score: 3.4

My guest ordered two sorbets - raspberry and mango and assured me they were delicious.


I tend to go to the branch on Wardour Street which has ample seating and very patient staff. The flavours do change around so don't be disappointed if they don't have your favorite in stock. The staff are always very patient when you want to try a variety before deciding on your final cup. The taste is second to none here, boasting my favorite dark chocolate with a yummy strawberry (yes I made Neapolitan).
A nice touch is they have thoughtfully designed labeling highlighting the milk free and guilt free scoops so if your lactose intolerance or just trying to be healthier you know which ones you can enjoy, without compromising taste. This is my preferred choice when in Soho and there is a lot of strong competition about.

Flavour: Strawberry - 4 | Dark Chocolate - 5
Texture: Moreish, Smooth, Creamy -4
Price (Small): £3.20 - 4
Experience: 4
Venue: 4
Total Score: 4.1

One this occasion my guest ordered pear and almond - essentially replicating a pear and frangipane tart one of my favorite desserts - I order it next time and it was heavenly!


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