So Bad I love it!

New devil to purge, it has to be said I love a good "Bad Film".

This is as divisive a prospect as asking how you feel about Marmite.

By the way Ozzies, in my humble opinion Veggiemite is awful too, but I digress.

What I really mean by my opening statement, is that we all have a guilty pleasure buried deep down. For me its those movies that my brain deems as below standard and are yet some how entertaining enough to watch repeatedly.

Exhibit 1: Tremors.
If there are people out there who don't like Tremors, then they must have an entirely alien sense of humor. This for me is the definition of a good, bad film. The effects are poor, the actors ham up every line and the plot barely makes any sense. The result pure movie giggling magic.

Plus I got it on DVD for 30p. Bargain.

Exhibit 2: Deep Blue Sea.
"The sharks got smarter"
All I'll say is - Samuel. L. Jackson has the best death ever.


Exhibit 3: The Mummy Returns. 
Firstly the Mummy is a brilliant film, I'll hear no bad words about it. However the sequel we can all agree isn't cinematic gold and at some points is so ludicrous you can only laugh. My friend, who was an aspiring actor turned to me in the cinema while we watched this and said "Don't laugh I'll probably be in the 5th installment".
I still liked it and yes I like the Scorpion King too.

This could go on all day so I'll stop here.


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