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So Bad I love it!

New devil to purge, it has to be said I love a good "Bad Film".

This is as divisive a prospect as asking how you feel about Marmite.

By the way Ozzies, in my humble opinion Veggiemite is awful too, but I digress.

What I really mean by my opening statement, is that we all have a guilty pleasure buried deep down. For me its those movies that my brain deems as below standard and are yet some how entertaining enough to watch repeatedly.

Exhibit 1: Tremors.
If there are people out there who don't like Tremors, then they must have an entirely alien sense of humor. This for me is the definition of a good, bad film. The effects are poor, the actors ham up every line and the plot barely makes any sense. The result pure movie giggling magic.

Plus I got it on DVD for 30p. Bargain.

Exhibit 2: Deep Blue Sea.
"The sharks got smarter"
All I'll say is - Samuel. L. Jackson has the best death ever.

Exhibit 3: The Mummy Returns. 
Firstly the Mummy is a brilliant film, I'…