2013 Closer to Fine

Retrospectives generally trigger a Team America style montage and nausea in my head so I'm not going to run over 2013 in an event by event fashion.

Those who've known me a while will probably understand why December is far from my favorite month of the year. Not to mention Mariah Carey's siren tones generally stir an large
bout of horror for me. *shudder*
But I assume she has this effect on everyone.

Back to topic, I wasn't looking forward to this 23rd December but picking a single day to be sad seems to me to be rather forced. Perhaps we should feel melancholy whenever it hits (remove pointy objects) and run with happiness while you have it.

To get to the point, this year has certainly been eventful.
Not one aspect of my life is the same as it was 7 months ago.
I still wake up and wonder where the hell I am.

Some of these changes are brilliant (new job, new flat, degree sort of done) while others are painful but for the best, like the divorce.

So much for planning ahead!
Thanks life didn't see this one coming.

However the over whelming care I've had from people, has been the most comforting and kind experience of my life.  Even when their own lives were in turmoil or they barely knew me. Amazing people gave me all their time, generous hearts and patient ears.

How you all put up with is I'll never know...it was the free heroine wasn't it?

At one point I think I gave Paradise Beach a run for it's money.

Then there are so many interesting, funny and outright crazy people I've meet this year. I used to be to shy to answer the phone at work and would hide under the table rather then talk if there was more than one person present. Apparently daydreaming about being a megalomaniac socialist dictator is not going to win friends and influence people...or will it.

But getting out and actually talking to people seems to be working OK, not been stabbed yet!

All this is a really long way of saying let's eat a tonne of cake, shot zombies and not worry too much.
It's only life after all.


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