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Gonzo the ever living...

This is Gonzo our fish. You might be thinking that this is rather terrible picture of a fish and why on earth is it being posted on line. You may also be thinking that he is dying. I assure you its not the case. If it is, it's the longest death I've ever seen.

One day I looked into our tank and there he was at the bottom, floundering and looking like breathing was painful. I thought sadly to myself that he wasn't going to make it through the week. Everyone else that saw him thought the same and then he started losing all colour. He was already about three years old and at the end of the day pet fish often die, three years was a good life span but the end was near.

Poor thing.

Poor us, waiting everyday to see, is this the day?

That was two years ago.

Other, healthier fish came and went but not Gonzo, he keeps on going. He lies at the bottom of the tank everyday. For those fish keepers out there - its not swim bladder or an infection or any other fish aliment I can find. In…

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