The subtle things

Given there is a new Bill and Ted movie set to come out I feel the need to point out the sutble but wonderful impact the previous films have had on language.

I might have started using these in ironic way but over time it just became normal. Yes I might shout excellent and mentally be playing air guitar but that part is optional.

I do this now for a new generation of excellent fans who might not understand the multifaceted meaning of such a totally awsome words.

Here is my quick guide

Regular Meaning
dude = friend or someone of the male persausion
bogus = not genuine
heinous = hateful or totally reprehensible
excellent = of great worth or high quality
triuphant = victorious
babe = a baby or young child
totally outrageous = a terrible thing that causes outrage

Extra dimensions
duuudee =
You are my best friend
dude! =
That is not cool but I'm telling you in a nice way
dead dude =
a dead person
bogus =
heinous =
excellent =
triuphant =
yeah that is the dogs b******s
babe =
an attracive girl
totally outrageous = something that was great fun


  1. I love "babe" as said by Ranger in the Stephanie Plum books :-)


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