Simple pleasures

I often find its the simplest things that are the tastiest.

There are few things I like better on a cold winter morning than warm bread, freshly baked and tasty golden honey. If there is a mug of hot creamy chocolate on the side you'll find me like a very a very happy fat house cat curled up on the sofa in pure glee.

Often it's these simple pleasure that have to most evocative memories. Our associations with these flavours and scents colour our moods in a far more vivid way than any photograph.

That smell of spices will always remind me of my mum's kitchen no matter where I am or the Cinnabon sickly sweet pervasive scent that transports me to the hustle and bustle of Piccadilly circus. There are times when this can deceive too, soon there will be the divine lure of roast chestnuts through London - but can I eat them, nope seriously horrid things.

But the scent that really gets me is that of coffee, it is like a Siren's call.


  1. I love waking up to the smell of breakfast being made ... bacon, sausage, pancakes, cheese on toast. Anything.

  2. Nice article,the content and good blog................great

  3. Also - warm towels right out of the tumble dryer when its chilly and you've just taken a shower / bath :) heavenly.

  4. Sam - Oh I never thought you warm towels but they are heavenly!

  5. Towels or your gown - both work the same.

  6. You know in Greece, one of our childhood specials is bread with butter and honey. Try it, it's yummilicious!

  7. Tinsie - guess what I'm going to make to go with my tea!


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