Someone mentioned a Spa Day to me this weekend. They were being nice, I accept this but you see the idea of a Spa horrifies me, I can't think of anything less relaxing. This is mainly due to the fact I don't like physical contact with people I don't know. So a Spa with its treatments and such = terror. Massages are the worse thing I can imagine, Firstly who are these people, where have their hands been? How are they OK with touching you?
Lets not even mention all those people in nothing but towels showing too much shall we say "skin". I mean its hard to look them in the eye after you've seen everything but that is a whole other can of worms. Lastly the cumber eyes, I loath the smell of cucumbers.

I'm certain I'm not alone in the desire not to be touched and in the case of a Spa people are paying for the whole experience and on some level must enjoy this (its beyond me). But what about all this involuntary touching? E has tattoos and on numerous occasions, perfect strangers will think its OK to touch them. How is this remotely normal? Since when was a tattoo a public invitation? What is more bizarre are the offenders who are surprised that he doesn't like these random assaults upon his person.

However these invasion of personal space is not limited to just those with ink. Oh no the rest of us get stuck with it wherever we go too. Travel being the prime example. We have been on the tube or bus in peak times, all crowded on to an already packed carriage but there are certain etiquette's that most people try to follow. Like not standing on top of someone if there is an inch to step away, no leaning on the bar if more than one person needs to hold it. The little things. This is why I start work as early as I can, that way I avoid congestion and often get a seat. After all this effort what am I rewarded with? More often then not I'm sitting in my seat reading and then a man will sit next to me. I have no objection to men in general, just a certain type of Man. The ones who sit with their legs so wide apart I wonder if they are in training to do the splits. Half of these men, not satisfied with a seat to themselves take over my seat almost entirely and I'm so very away of the pressure from their thighs right against mine. I've even seen some take over two seats on a packed tube and everyone else be too polite to get the guy to move just a little and offer someones tired feet relief. In fairness its not just women who suffer its the decent guys who are able to sit properly who boxed in too. The worst offenders are those who do this in the theatre or on a plane. You know who you are and I beg you, stop it!

Do not touch the following:
1. People you do not have permission to touch
2. Me


  1. To be fair, the equivalent to those men are the women who get on the tube with a handbag the size of Jupiter and somehow completely miss it's now on my lap.

  2. Duds - Oh worry not, I'll be complaining about them at some point too!

  3. * Puts in bulk popcorn order *

  4. I don't like being touched except by my husband, and I generally avoid touching others, but I know it's primarily their smell that puts me off, not the touch per se. I actually love massages, so what I say is that you won't know if you like it unless you try it (here's a tip: do you hate it when you have your hair washed at the hairdressers? if you do, then massages are out, but if you don't, then you're probably missing out).

  5. Tinsie - the hair dresser freaks me out big time


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