Keep your hands to yourself

PDA = Public displays of affection.

I cannot stand PDAs. I have no problem with most people and how they choose to show their affection and I'm not suggesting a kissing ban. Even I have got "ahhhh" at weddings when the bride and groom partake in their first kiss. What winds me up however are those attention seekers who decide that they cannot resist each other for a moment longer for you know the world may

What makes me bring this up? Well go on this journey with me through space and time...back to this morning, I'm on my way to work and the train is full. Not sardine full but all the seats are gone and there is little standing room. The train pulls into Paddington Station and as this is a major interchange its not unusual for a large number of people to pile on including the notorious couple. Nothing of note, just another morning, I've got my far away stare going (I find it impossible to read while standing on the tube, especially when I'm wearing heels) and all seems normal. Until not two second later they start, at first they are in some sort of embrace. The space is limited but not that limited. Then the kissing starts little pecks and then full on snogging. I'm trying to look away but my options are limited. Everyone else is also trying to avoid looking and then it get worse - the groping starts!
Have they forgotten where they are? Does the Hammersmith and City line resemble a private room?
Will the driver please break so they can bump head and knock each other out...alas he does not.

I can only conclude these people have 1) no sense of decency 2) clearly suffer from sort of attention disorder.

The lady standing next to me rolls her eyes in pure disapproval and I can only silently agree. I salute the man next to them who was resolute in reading his paper and ignoring them. Now I'm not some bitter prude who hates people in "love", I just want to be able to sit on the tube or walk down the street without two people engaging in what is tantamount soft core porn in front of me.

Is that really too much to ask.

(I have no issues with Personal Digital Assistants in fact I'm pretty fond of those)


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