Classic Cinema: ET (1982) 30th Aniversay

There is something magical about ET. Today marks its 30th Anniversary so I felt I had to write a little something more than my usual reviews.

This was one of the first films I remember being portrayed from the kids perspective and that was part of its charm. A film lets us share in the adventure with the wonder of a child. The suburban ordinary setting, going to school, fighting with your siblings capturing such a familiar life, all the while we know there is more happening, something incredible make it very compelling. It was that aspect in the story telling that captured my imagination, the idea of having a secret adventure my parents didn't know about. Even re-watching it now there is something endearing. 

I was having a discussion with a friend of mine about this and he said "if I had found that thing in my shed, I would have killed it without hesitation" which had me in stitches. All I could think was that would make a really different film and then Attack the Block came out. If Aliens invade I'm pretty sure he'll live while I'm that person in a Red Shirt.

As a film ET is nothing short of timeless, the perfect blend of humour and pathos with something for everyone. John Williams score the perfect accompaniment to every moment. I hope people still remember it after another 30 years.

Personal favourite moment, Halloween night ET tries follows a kid dressed as Yoda saying "Home! home!"


  1. I remember reading the book and crying my eyes out :-)


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