3d Why?

I've been spending some time at the cinema lately, well I always did, I'm now just blogging about it with my fellow self appointed critics over on Three-Reviews.

So naturally I've had a lot of time watching trailers, so I'm there in the overly bright cinema the other day waiting for the movie to start when I'm subjected to trailer for Titanic - what is 1997? Oh but wait its going to be in 3D. Do we really need a trailer for Titanic people? Do We? Hasn't everyone on earth seen it at least twice - (my count is twelve). I'm certain there are hill tribes in Borneo who have no electricity or contact with the outside world but have somehow seen this film.

Imagine my horror as they show this trailer not once but TWICE! Its not even the in 3D they are trying to promote. Isn't it bad enough that every new blockbuster has to come out in 3D and give us a headache? I am Jack's broken faith in cinema. Have things gotten so bad we need to recycle everything. I'm certain creativity isn't dead and there thousands are more comics and novels to plunder.

Speaking of recycling - Star Wars Phantom Menace is also out there in this awful format. Did they forget that most fans loath the pain that is Episodes I-III. OK I'll admit, I'm probably the only person on earth, Yoda forgive me, who didn't mind Jar jar Bink's. There I said it. But even I, with my cinema pass wouldn't bother wasting two hours with this. You can't get those hours back you know.

The question on everyone lips (whether they acknowledge it or not) is why on earth won't 3D go away? Simple - piracy. Or in this case paranoia about piracy.

No studios its doesn't make films look better, its doesn't make me want to see things more. As I'm myopic and have to wear glasses anyway what makes you think I want to wear a second pair. Fun? Fashion? Pain?

The irony is if a film is released in 3D the less likely I am to bother with it. Please for the love of cinema MAKE IT STOP.


  1. Agree totally. I watched John Carter the other day and the only thing I remember about it being in 3d is that my wallet was £2 lighter than usual. It's an absolute con. I've seen about a dozen films in 3d now and I can categorically say that it hasn't improved any of them, and its made at least half of them worse.


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