Nothing like a nighttime stroll to give you ideas

Now I know Harry Potter is just fiction but this past year, I've been seeing things...
And I'm sure this wasn't there before but at Kings Cross Station half hidden away...


  1. It seems as if Harry Potter has given way to Twilight and New Moon here in the States. No more mixed number platforms.

  2. Oh I love the Platorm! With the trolley through the wall. That would make me happy, seeing that.

  3. Cool stuff! Next time I'm at Kings X I'll make sure I take a look at Platform 9¾ :-)

  4. Wow! Platform 9 3/4 will definitely be on my list of places to visit next time I'm in London!

  5. JR - That's a shame!

    Clover - K and I couldn't believe our eyes, we were thrilled to find it. You go up platform 8 and it half way up on the left

    Tinsie - It is definatly worth a look

    T - :-)

    Gucci - London rocks, hope your well!

  6. Never been there, so I can't comment but I can wish you Happy Thanksgiving!


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