Ink (2009)

I read and watch a great deal of sci-fi and fantasy. So I always like to see something new and original when it comes along.

E suggested Primer the other day and though it messed with my head (time travel tends to do this to me) I still enjoyed it. Its nice to see films that don't need uber special effects to be scifi cool. Something I like about a lot of independent cinema is that they might not have the money for jaw dropping visuals but in the good ones the actors more than make up for it.

I have a cinema pass so I catch a great deal of movies, mostly Hollywood or some of the more widly distributed foreign films. In the past few years Hollywood seems like it can't produce anything truly original. Don't get me wrong I tend to like the comics of novels they are making into plentiful films but sometimes you want cinema to give you something new and unexpected. Certainly in the past 2 years its the foreign and indie films that have been the real eye openers.

Of course I enjoyed Watchmen and tonnes of others movies since but all were based on a comic, novel, short story, TV show or even a remake. Perhaps there is no original thought left - a terrible and scary concept.

By total chance I watched Ink.

I'd never heard of this film before we hit play and had no idea what to expect. E told me the reviews were good so I thought why not. I don't want to rehash the plot so it basically about a little girl who's spirit is kidnapped one night as she lies sleeping by a dark force. Her physical body slips into a coma and it seems nothing can be done for her. Her grandparents appeal to her father but he refuses to see her. The rest is best if you see for yourself.

Now the film has all the qualities of an epic - good verses evil plot going for it but it manages to delivery more. There are no instantly recognisable famous faces which an some ways lends the viewers imagination to the story even more. The actors are brilliant, they all give a very true and praiseworthy performance, holding the film together and engaging the audience.

Now the few special effects Ink has are brilliantly executed but subtle enough that the whole thing isn't dependent on them. The Incubus bad guys are strangely disturbing though you can't put your finger on why. There are two scenes which really stand out the first is a first fight sequence the second is a sort of domino effect of events. Which actually made me gasp.

Having said that Ink is a sci-fi fantasy it really comes down to being a story about a man and his daughter. The characterisation of the father is what truly makes this film excellent, its not just effects and cool ideas but poignant story of hope and redemption.


  1. I'd love to have a cinema pass. I watch very few movies these days. We've been with lovefilm for ages but we've had the same two DVDs for more than two months now. Don't have enough time in the day!

    But Ink sounds very interesting.

  2. Never heard of it, but now I'm tempted to give it a try :-)

  3. Clover - get a pass it you can its great fun.

    RennyBA - I assure you it'll worth a viewing

  4. Sounds like a really intersting film and really like the picture, will watch when I am over at yours sometime.


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