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Thinking on paper

Thanks to Donkey Blues, I've discovered this:

Font Capture

So now I'm typing everything in my handwriting, oh the fun you could have!

Forgive the advertising but it got me thinking. Looking at the letters I could see they were definitely mine (or course I fed the site my handwritten template) but as cool as it is it wasn't the same.

I think writing with an actual pen and paper is fast becoming a lost art.

More and more people I know find the idea of physically scribbling things down an archaic idea. Now I totally embrace the digital era, we can keep practically everything now, all these blog posts and news articles but there is something be said about jotting a few words down with your own hands. I used to write letter to my friends, doodles in the corner and all the madness of months apart stuffed into and envelope. Now we have email and isn't it wonderful! However opening an email doesn't have half the thrill of knowing it came from half a world away, letters are so p…