The city that never sleeps

I wish I could take you with me
All the way to New York City...
We could take the subway home
And stare at our reflection in the window panes of the train
And see how much New York has changed us
- Rosie Thomas, All the way to New York City

I'm still not over the jet lag and shocked I made it anyway near the office this week. I'm still buzzing. This was my first ever trip to the Big Apple but I know it won't be my last. Now anyone who has met me knows I adore London, no matter where I am a part of me belongs there. Its like a universe unto itself. New York has the same appeal, I feel like I visited a strange new dimension, with its own rules and undefinable appeal.

As it was my first visit and E's 100th I felt like I had my own personal tour guide, so thank you for putting up with my typical excited tourist antics! Before getting there I have to admit I was nervous, what if it wasn't as amazing as all the Movies and TV had made it look. All the way over on the plane I was wishing I'd bought some of those movies with me. I could wonder through the Met or central park and catch a bit that reminded me of a scene from Keeping the Faith, not to mention classics like Breakfast at Tiffany's or An Affair to Remember (OK and Sleepless in Seattle) or hear the score from Manhattan in the back of my mind. All the books I'd read which are set in this great city really came to life for me. I think I almost caught a glimpse of Spider-man.
Of course the second I woke up on the first day and looked out the window at the yellow cabs and high rises I knew I was in love.So we got ourselves some city passes (which I high recommend) and set about seeing everything we could fit in.
Nothing came to life in the Museum of Natural History but they did have one of the best planetariums I've ever been to and the Metropolitan Museum of Art blew me away, I could wander around it forever.
By the way the way don't tell anyone by Optimus Prime is in Times Square!!

No visit would of been complete with out popping in to Midtown Comics and the Strand Bookstore so we had to indulge. Sitting on the plane home I opened up one of the Comics we bought (Ultimates Volume 2) and what should we find a few pages in but Tony Stark, Captain America and Betty Ross sitting in The Empire Diner where we had gone for waffles the night before, trust me they were awesome waffles.

The thing that stands out the most for me is the Highline, I don't know what it was but there was something magical about it.
Walking along while the summer sun was setting just fired my imagination I felt a sort of perfect calm - urban bliss if you will.
City behind, long shadows on the ground and sparrow hoping in the long grass.


  1. I've been to NY a couple of times to, but not experienced as much as you have - thanks for taking us with!

  2. Hey Rx, glad you liked the high line; knew you would. Loving the sepia.

  3. RennyBA - My pleasure!

    Simon - I think I may of over done the sepia but I couldn't stop myself.

  4. I love, love, love NY-the high line once carried freight trains above the city streets.

  5. Never been to NY but I'm sure I'd love it. Everyone I know who likes London, also likes NY :-)

  6. Well I still don't know if I love London or not, but the photos you have shown me and the descriptions in this blog will make it hard not to go and see for myself some time.

  7. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Did you try sour skittles? I went to NY when I was pregnant with Elliot. It was a very strange experience.

  8. Gucci - I love it too :-)

    Michelle - I did buy them and just as I went to eat them I noticed they had gelatine :-( So E ate them all in front of me. I did however indulge in dark chocolate covered pretzels, thank goodness they don't have them here, I'd eat nothing else

  9. Ugh the highline park is way too crowded now. When I went there, the first few days after opening, it was pretty quiet. Now it is a mob scene like everything else. Plus, they can now make it longer but not wider, so it is probably always going to be like a street fair on nice days. In the winter (when it may have to close due to ice and snow?) it may be better.


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