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The city that never sleeps

I wish I could take you with me
All the way to New York City...
We could take the subway home
And stare at our reflection in the window panes of the train
And see how much New York has changed us- Rosie Thomas, All the way to New York City

I'm still not over the jet lag and shocked I made it anyway near the office this week. I'm still buzzing. This was my first ever trip to the Big Apple but I know it won't be my last. Now anyone who has met me knows I adore London, no matter where I am a part of me belongs there. Its like a universe unto itself. New York has the same appeal, I feel like I visited a strange new dimension, with its own rules and undefinable appeal.

As it was my first visit and E's 100th I felt like I had my own personal tour guide, so thank you for putting up with my typical excited tourist antics! Before getting there I have to admit I was nervous, what if it wasn't as amazing as all the Movies and TV had made it look. All the way over on the plane …