The Emerald Isle

I've just got back from a week in Ireland.
(Above Dun Aengus)

E, my husband is Irish even though you can't hear it in his accent. So we hop over the Irish Sea at least once or twice a year. Problem is they are only flying visits. so this year we though let take a week and see some of the West Coast (E's home) properly. Especially since we saw this episode of Coast (one of my favorite TV programmes). So I'm sharing some pics of our time...

Ireland is not somewhere you should go to by sea if like me would have a weak consitution, needless to say I was horribly sea sick but it was all worth it.

We trapsed up the Aran Isles

Wandered in Ailwee Caves

Got rained on in the Ring of Kerry

Not to mention being spoiled rotten with all the wonderful food and company.


  1. What wonderful nature! I've always wanted to go to Ireland - thanks for taking us with!

  2. You're very welcome - if you do go I assure you it wonderful but you must eat a golden crisp and drink club orange, won't be the same otherwise

  3. Looks beautiful! Did you get much sunshine?

  4. Tinsie - Most days, especially on Aran it was roasting :-)


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