Fish are jumping

May as been a long and busy month but at least the sun is here, well for the odd day at the least.

Took a walk down at Hengistbury Head a few days much as I love London sometimes I need to be by the sea
And bury my feet in the warm sand


  1. Very nice photos-and love the new look to the blog!

  2. Awww how lovely! I was desperate to go to the beach today, but Oxford Street won :-(

  3. Oh, I can't wait to go to the beach. Very pretty photos.

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  5. I love burying my feet in warm, soft sand :)

  6. well like your second pic, it is nice to be out of town and be somewhere peaceful and hopefully less busy.

  7. Excellent.
    Your words and photos matched perfect.

    btw. Sorry I haven't commented very much in the past.
    Simply to much work. (8 am until midnight)

  8. Ahhhh the sea side....nothing beats that. Never enjoyed London, but growing up in Africa, the place just felt too busy:)
    Nice to see your still blogging:)

  9. Thanks all, its was lovely :-) Perhaps if the weather holds this might be another good weekend to get away.
    TEacher - Its is the best feeling
    Etain - Ahh your back! Will have to catch up on your blog
    Toraa - no worries I know how it is
    R2K - I went to cornwall last year and have indeed been to lands end - Tintagel wins for me though

  10. To live away from the smell of sea and ocean,
    well - I must admit - that would be very hard for me.
    How are you these days?

  11. City life is okay, but nothing is like being out in the nature. Your spot looks recreational.

  12. That shoreline is full of stones.


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