The Gone-away World

I just finished "The Gone-Away World" by Nick Harkaway. Its a hard book to define, part sci-fi part mess with your head but greatly enjoyable. 

Set in world not dissimilar to our own, or at least one that starts out that way which has suffered a man-made cataclysm. The origins of the disaster are unclear for a large portion of the book but the more you read the more you learn but equally more question arise.

Humanity is left striving for life in the livable zone on the fringes of something called the Jorgmund pipe. In the beyond are horrors but what these nightmares are remain unseen until you are deep in the plot. 
The novel has several elements that distinguish it from your run of the mill sci-fi. The main character is nameless and just when you are setup in a post apocalyptic wasteland you are thrown back in time - and anytime you get comfortable, think OK I see where we are, the book uproots and takes you in a new direction. 
The digressions from the plot into some minor subplot or the protagonist introspective thoughts are many and long but strangely fascinating - its the sort of thing you either love or hate. I for one was hooked. 

The book is refreshing, insightful and most of all a pleasure to read.

Oh and did I mention the Ninjas?

***Tell me about a book you have enjoyed recently!


  1. When did you change your layout? I like it.

    Also, I like the sound of this book! I like post-apocalyptic books. Mostly, anyway. A mess with your head book sounds very appealing right now.

    The last book I read and liked was by Joyce Carol Oates called After the Wreck, I Picked Myself Up, Spread My Wings and Flew Away. I liked it, about a girl who gets into a car accident where she's injured but her mother dies and how she handles that.

    Now I'm reading City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. It's just OK but I also can't put it down.

  2. I have recently enjoyed two of Orson Scott Card's novels - Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead. Some great ideas on the nature of humanity, especially in relation to religion and some cool, and very alien, aliens.....

  3. Michelle - changed the look last week, still not done messing with it though. I like the title "city of bones" - oh have you seen city of Ember - its good and your boys might like it when they are a bit older.

    E - Orson Scott Card is a genius really should read more by him :-)

  4. Like your layout too, very nice! How you been!? Damn I missed you guys!

  5. It's the first in a trilogy, city of bones, city of ashes and then city of glass. I've been hearing about the series everywhere - seems to have everything in it. demons, werewolves, vampires, love, action. It's been a fun, quick read so far.

    I haven't seen city of ember - I've heard it's good and I did check the book out of the library the other day but I checked a tonne of great stuff out and there was so much pressure over what to read because everything looked so good that I just ended up returning everything to the library. I think I have serious issues. But I do plan on going back for City of Ember. One of these days.


  6. Sam - Thanks you I've been good! I'll be popping over to your blog next

    Michelle - I'll be getting those out of the library then! I'm having to train myself, 2 library books at a time not 10. Though it is far too tempting to have them all and only read 1.

  7. Sounds interesting, although probably a little too confusing for my poor brain. I might give it a try, as I quite like sci fi (not sure about the Ninjas though).

    I've just finished reading Twilight which I loved - and I don't care that I'm 20 years older than its target audience!!

  8. Sounds like a book that requires a lot of concentration.

  9. I've not read the book,
    but it's more around us than we can imagine and understand - so far.

    Has Spring arrived?

  10. Tinsie - Age doesn't matter when it comes to books, I think its best to read a good kids/teen book for every 'adult' one. I often enjoy them more anyway! Though I do get some funny looks from 8 year olds in the library

    K - Only a little

    TorAa - Spring his here, daffodils and blossom trees all in bloom tis beautiful

  11. Haven't red it but it sounds good - thanks for sharing.

    Good to hear that spring is in the air on your side too :-)

  12. That sounds like a really interesting book. I've been looking for something fresh to read and I think that might be the ticket. Thanks for sharing.


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