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The Gone-away World

I just finished "The Gone-Away World" by Nick Harkaway. Its a hard book to define, part sci-fi part mess with your head but greatly enjoyable. 
Set in world not dissimilar to our own, or at least one that starts out that way which has suffered a man-made cataclysm. The origins of the disaster are unclear for a large portion of the book but the more you read the more you learn but equally more question arise.
Humanity is left striving for life in the livable zone on the fringes of something called the Jorgmund pipe. In the beyond are horrors but what these nightmares are remain unseen until you are deep in the plot.  The novel has several elements that distinguish it from your run of the mill sci-fi. The main character is nameless and just when you are setup in a post apocalyptic wasteland you are thrown back in time - and anytime you get comfortable, think OK I see where we are, the book uproots and takes you in a new direction.  The digressions from the plot into some minor sub…