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Being Nice Destroys Lives

I'm comfortable with the fact I'm not a "nice" person. 
Even though I don't consider myself to be particularly mean or nasty either, I come to the conclusion I just can't live with nice.
Why? Well when your too nice it tends to be the only thing people say about you. Its often used as a substitute instead of saying what you actually think for feel about someone. To me that translates as "well we couldn't think of anything else to say". 
Don't get me wrong, I can't stand rudeness at all but there is this horrid underbelly of overt politeness that can be infuriating. People in an attempt to be perceived as being nice, go out of there way to please others, my mother has this down to an art form and I, alas, am no exception. 
Take for example the lending and borrowing of personal items. Now I'm rather particular about who I lend things to or I wish I could be, because there are people who borrow and Never ever return, people who borrow and d…

Tweet Tweet

Well I've been blogging rarely these days, its doesn't mean I don't love it but now I've found twitter - this could spell trouble ahead...