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my words are my deeds

I read this article this morning, about how the last speaker of a Native American language has passed away thus the language is now extinct. All I could think was how sad that is. The world has lost something valuable - so much of that people would of been held in the words they used and now its gone.
It got me thinking about all sorts of things. I love travelling but I rarely learn more then a few words of the local language (if that) before I go anywhere. Which is a lazy and arrogant thing to do, I know. I just assume that someone, where ever I'm going, will know how to speak English and help me out. More often then not they do, in Japan people bent over backwards to try and point me in the right direction. I did learn to say "I am vegetarian" which I was proud of! People are very kind the world over - but I can't help but feel that globalisation is leading to the loss of so many languages, cultures and customs. Which surely is one of the reasons to travel in the …


Thou art gone from my gaze like a beautiful dream.
And I seek thee in vain by the meadow and stream.
~George Linley

I close Friend of mine commited suicide over holidays. She was only 25.
I don't know what happend and I don't know what drove her to it. Maybe I don't want know. She was buried a few days ago. I know I should be posisitive and think of all the wonderful things about her. She touched so many lives and was truly unique.

But I don't know how to say good bye.

She was a flame that lit up our lives,
Now only an ember that will remain in my heart forever.