Losing the will to live

Well I've just got my 5th rejection letter for my book. It is more then disheartening. Yes Many many famous authors are rejected several time before they get published and you have to keep trying. Hence why I'll be sending out another begging letter with my first 3 chapters double line spaced. The thing is, finding a publisher or even an agent for that matter who will take unsolisited manuscripts are far and few between. 

I heep my book back on the slush pile and wonder what I'll do when I run out of publishers...


  1. I didn't know you'd written a book! I think that's fantastic! I can't offer any good advice about handling rejection, I think I'd have a breakdown after every letter.. but good luck! (and what's your book about?)

  2. Of course this won't come as a surprise to you but it is a fantasy book like Garth Nix or Philip Pullman - though I won't claim to be as good as either of them!

  3. Did not knew either, and never give up - I'm sure you will succeed in the end :-)

  4. Do not give up.
    Too many publishers think so traditionally they will vanish, without knowing why.


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