Pick me up, you know you want me....

There is one comic book artist out there who can make me read almost anything.

I think every comic fan has their list of favourites and over time the styles change and the looks get updated. Then there are others who's work is timeless like Alex Ross.

There is also the odd issue that makes you gasp and buy it right away, for example the issue of Unccany X-men by Kia Asamiya (#417) was so cool. 

I a really like Billy Tan and also more recently Jo Chen (her work on Runaways is brilliant).

But there is one who is just above the rest the great Salvador Larroca.

So here are a few pics for all to enjoy...


  1. Glad to see you blogging again! I think I'd really like comic books (graphic novels?) if only I knew where to begin!

  2. I remember my children was crazy about them, but they are out of the nest now.

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  3. I used to be an avid comic book reader in the 90's. Back then, before digital coloring, the artist really was the huge draw from a talent perspective. The hidden artist was the inker. I have seen a number of "pencils", and then seen what the inker does to it. Sometimes the pencilers barely draw anything and most of the detail is filled in by the inker.

    Nowadays with digital coloring, it seems like the real artist is the colorer. The detail in coloring, lighting, shading, and background work is rather extraordinary.

  4. I was never into comic books, but these pics are certainly interesting. Especially the one with the cards.

  5. awesome pics, these would make me buy a comic.


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