The deepest cut

As people we live in social groups. Well most people anyway. We cluster together in villages and cities. In family units and friends circles and all sorts. 

The thing about these social interactions is we have to care for other people. Family for example is closest of bonds and can excuse almost anything. Heaven's know if I wasn't blood related to some people, I would have walked out the door and never spoken to them again. I'm sure we've all been there. Friends even more so because we choose to be around them. There is no DNA link prehaps its common interests, mutual friends or a shared history at first but after a while it goes beyond that. You see the best in them and they forgive your faults and stick around anyway. Prehaps as human's we have a need to feel closer to other people and that's why we create this relationships. Why we live in communities rather then on our own. Why we call each other or strike up conversations in the strangest of places.

Friends are so important because the bonds you have to them are undefinable, they conect us to each other. For no other reason you trust them and confide in them more then you would anyone else. They are the ones you go to for comfort when you family upset you or a relationship breaks down. You drop your gaurd and invite them in, hope they'll defend you when you can't do it yourself, stand by you when your weak. So when a friend hurts you its all the more painful. 

I'm just rambling of course...I guess my questions is once you've been burned by someone you thought you knew and trusted how do you pick yourself up...


  1. Sometimes though the one who hurts us most is also the one we called Friend ;(

  2. I tend to take the pragmatic view that "these things happen", and don't let it bother me too much. The first betrayal is harder to cope with because you least expect it. It gets easier after that (or you become more guarded - who knows?) but it's definitely easier to cope with if it happens again, and if it doesn't you can be pleasantly surprised :-)

  3. I agree with Tinsie I try to live by not expecting things from others because the chances of disappointment is less and being pleasantly surprised on occasions is a treat. =)


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