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I get in to work at about 7:30am. To some people this is really early and to others its like "what took you so long". The only problem with this is I'm not a morning person. In fact if I don't have to go to work, wild horses couldn't drag me out of bed. 

So why bother going to work at silly o'clock - well I need the time to acclimatise to people. Seriously I warn you don't speak to me, or people like me before say 10am, we just can't cope. 

Someone came in the office and asked me some at 7:50 today and it took me a few mins to figure out they were talking to me (not the empty chairs) and the words coming out of their mouth were coherent and that they was smiling, even cheerful...I have but one conclusion, its not right to be gleeful before 9am just doesn't compute


  1. I follow you 100% - I'm not a morning person either. I don't wake up before I sit on the bus to work at 9AM. Al things before that is just me on an auto pilot.

    But ask me closer to midnight - then I'm social and talkative :-)

    Wishing you a wonderful end to your week.

  2. Very interesting observation.
    I think this can be a matter for our blog meeting.
    Oh, when will that be?

  3. I am a morning person as well as a night person but I do want some me-time early in the morning.

    Imagine sitting next to a fellow colleague on board the bus and all she wants is to yak all the way to work...gosh I need my morning peace for sure.

  4. I agree I don't know what they have to be happy about and how do you go to bed at 9pm in the evening to wake up for 4/5. Saying that they consider sleeping to 6am a lie in!!!!

  5. I am a night person. In the morning I don't properly wake up until 8 AM. It doesn't matter what time I get up, I still only wake up at 8. I try to get into work for 10 AM, which means that at least I'm "with it" when I arrive in the office; I can just about make 9 AM if pushed. Any earlier than that and I might as well not be there, as my brain cells are asleep.

  6. I enjoy the mornings. It's when i like to play piano.

  7. hmm as long as I need to get up I have no problem with getting up and will be gleefull all the way..but if I know there's nothing really immediately important to get out of bed for..I'll be sleepy all morning.

  8. Same here - My productivity is near zero until at least 10 a.m. In fact, my employer should probably just make my hours 10 - 4 (for the same pay, of course) so I can stop pretending that stuff gets done outside that time frame. ;)

  9. The earlier the better. I like sleepy convicts that don't have the energy to argue.


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