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Conversation Skills

I get in to work at about 7:30am. To some people this is really early and to others its like "what took you so long". The only problem with this is I'm not a morning person. In fact if I don't have to go to work, wild horses couldn't drag me out of bed. 
So why bother going to work at silly o'clock - well I need the time to acclimatise to people. Seriously I warn you don't speak to me, or people like me before say 10am, we just can't cope. 
Someone came in the office and asked me some at 7:50 today and it took me a few mins to figure out they were talking to me (not the empty chairs) and the words coming out of their mouth were coherent and that they was smiling, even cheerful...I have but one conclusion, its not right to be gleeful before 9am just doesn't compute