The Dark Knight

Cinema I love - I'm sure you love it and if you happen to see a large number of movie review on my blog in the future it because I just can't help myself.

The Dark Knight came out on Friday, some or you Lucky souls with earlier release date might be thinking this old news but for me its still fresh in my mind. Christian Bale it seems has lost none of the talent he bought to Batman Begins and continues to deliver a Hero both flawed and awe inspiring.
True is not quiet the performance of The Machinist but he still brings depth to the role. I think that is why from the first batch of Batman films I loved Michael Keaton - he managed to capture just how insane and brilliant you've have to be to run around in a rubber suit hunting down criminals. Batman Returns being one of my all time favorite movies. The others (with the exception of Bale) were well just going through the motions. Poor George Clooney was only surpass in blandness by the terrible performance of Arnie as Mr Freeze, maybe I'm being too harsh but I'll leave you to judge. Before I begin my review I have to say it is a real shame about Heath Ledgers death, the world has lost a real star.

I think for a while it seemed like actors played comic book characters in a rather banal not effort sort of way. Something brilliant actors like Sir Ian McKellan and Edward Norton have shown us, is far from true. As an avid comic reader its nice to see that characters you love finally getting the portrayals they deserve.

So did Christopher Nolan manage to deliver? When Batman Begins came out I had my doubts, As I've already mentioned I loved and grew up with the Tim Burton movies and thought there was a hell of a lot to live up. Of course once I saw the film I was blown away, It was beyond any of my expectations (the Martial arts helped to). So when they announced Dark Knight I was
desperate to see if Nolan had manged to keep the wonder of the first movie.

Second parts tend to fall on their knees in trilogy/series law, a sort of in between syndrome that few things can avoid having. There was certainly no messing around here. Minuets in and the actions beings, no awful recap, not long winded this is what you missed in the meanwhile rubbish. A nice Cameo from Cillian Murphy (shame there wasn't more) and off we go.

The action sequenced didn't disappoint (though more marital arts would have been nice but I'm just nit picking). But rather then recap the whole movie scene for seen I will say the film is made by Heath Ledger. For almost the whole 2 hours I've forgotten it was an actor. The way Joker was written and Ledgers performance set this film apart. I never thought Joker could be such a scary and interesting villain. In fact I think I groaned when I heard joker was in this film but I take it all back.

Maggie Gyllenhaal was a brilliant improvement, it was nice to seen a Rachel Dawes who did something other then scowl. Harvey Dent was a nice surprise too - but I think Aaron Eckhart is really underrated. I won't give anything away but the two-face effect made me gasp. Alfred had more lines and continued as the voice of wisdom - I look forward to seeing more of him in the next one...? Gary Oldman makes Commissioner Gordon something other then the bloke who turns on the Batlight. It didn't have the wow thrill I thought I wanted but instead it gave us a Gotham and characters you could really believe and get swept away with. This movie has an even darker tone then the first and its hard not to when you think about who and what Batman
really is.

There were few unanswered questions at the end but I think Dark Knight was the precisely the edgy, clever and shadowy sequel Batman Begins deserved to have. So I'll be using my cinema pass to see it again...

later dudes SF


  1. N and I saw this on Friday. I'm no big comic book fan (though I probably should be) but the Michael Keaton Batman was the first movie I saw at the cinema (I still have the movie stubs) and I love these films now.. I didn't really know who Harvey Dent was coming into the film, so his whole storyline came as a surprise. I thought Maggie Gyllenhaal was a much better Rachel and Heath Ledger was intensely creepy..

  2. It was so cool. Intensely creepy is sooooo right I still can't believe it was him!

  3. Loooooved this movie. I have a review up on my sci-fi site that reads a lot like yours. I think I had the same reaction you did to virtually everything.

    Stunning movie.

  4. why so serious??

  5. I thought Christian Bale was brilliant in "The Machinist," and then having to bulk-up for his Batman role--a body can only take so much physical change in such a short time.

  6. sqt - you are soo right ;-)

    anon - indeed, but please put the razor away...

    JR - he was brilliant in the movie wasn't he - but it really freaked me out!

  7. I've seen so many posted about it and yours was a great read - thanks for sharing!

    Maybe I should see the movie after all then :-)

  8. I am so out of date when it comes to films.. I didnt know what the hell the dark knight was all about or even that it involved batman.. Shame on me!

    Thanks for sharing your opinion though, at least I am slightly more up to date with my knowledge now hey ;) xx

  9. Hey I do plan to catch this movie and you're watching it again??

  10. renny- You definatly should :-)

    emmie - thats ok, I know not everyone is comic obsessed!

    Shionge - Again and again and again

  11. I'm planning to go see it next week or as soon as the beautiful weather spell comes to an end, because I can't bring myself to stay indoors at the moment :-)

  12. i was impressed with the not-hollywood ending, and I am very curious as to where they take this next.

  13. I went to the midnight showing at the IMAX theater then I went two days later to see it again because it was that awesome! Heath Ledger was the best JOKER I've ever seen!

  14. I still haven't seen it, but will try to soon. Whet my appetite you have:)

  15. Interisting. Very.
    I did post under Wordless Wednesday from the Cinema in Michigan, where I did watch this movie.
    I got a lots of comments. Among mine as well. Haha.


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