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The Dark Knight

Cinema I love - I'm sure you love it and if you happen to see a large number of movie review on my blog in the future it because I just can't help myself.

The Dark Knight came out on Friday, some or you Lucky souls with earlier release date might be thinking this old news but for me its still fresh in my mind. Christian Bale it seems has lost none of the talent he bought to Batman Begins and continues to deliver a Hero both flawed and awe inspiring.
True is not quiet the performance of The Machinist but he still brings depth to the role. I think that is why from the first batch of Batman films I loved Michael Keaton - he managed to capture just how insane and brilliant you've have to be to run around in a rubber suit hunting down criminals. Batman Returns being one of my all time favorite movies. The others (with the exception of Bale) were well just going through the motions. Poor George Clooney was only surpass in blandness by the terrible performance of Arnie as Mr Freeze…