Myth and Legends

I have a thing about myths.

I love them, reading about them finding any ties they have to history. As a kid I almost dies when I found out that Troy was a real place. My love of Myth and Legends is probably why I ended up doing a degree in Ancient History. As a kid my parents would regale me with stories from Ancient India, tale of demon's and gods and normal people getting caught up in the most extraordinary adventures. This could be why I love fantasy books so much (thank you Tolkien).

Britain has as many myth as anywhere else but there is one that I can safely say hold some international fascination and that's the Legend of King Arthur. I don't know what it is but something about that particular story has had people dreaming for a long time.

Tomorrow I'm off to Cornwall, where ancient history can bee seen with your own eyes. I'll be dragging E off to Tintagel.

I've no idea (I don't think anyone does) if this is the real Tintagel (the castle of King Marc of Cornwall) featured in the Arthurian Legends and the story of Tristan and Isolde. But a part of me wants to believe that sometime the story we are told hold some truth...

On the subject of Legends, the Red Wings won the Stanley cup this year, I'm over the Moon.


  1. I love all thing history too although I like the late 1800's - early 1900's the most but the tales which are handed down generation to generation are spectacular, you just can't beat it. Have a great time in cornwall. I hope you "feel" the atmosphere while on your visit x

  2. I enjoyed some movies about legend though, never been to cornwall in England but hope you'll show us some pictures when you return. Have fun :D

  3. Ahh yes, I'm still around ... just not as much. No myths. No legends. Just one guy trying to survive.

  4. Britain do have lots of thrilling histories and Myths - Keltish origin?
    Here in Norway we have Trolls and other creations created from our long winternights. But also some living in the waterfalls and small lakes. These figures are not very well know outside our country - may be due to the fact our language is not very know abroad.

    btw. Thanks for all kind words and thoughts in the past weeks. Very helpful for my Mind. Thanks

  5. I do follow you and like Tor says: there are a lot of myth and stories from the past in Norway too - Troll is the most known I guess and I remember I loved it when mom or dad red about it when I was in my bed about to sleep.

    Wishing you an exciting trip :-)

  6. I used to read a lot of myths and stories when I was a kid, but I'm not really into fantasy stuff any more. And I'm ashamed to say I've never read the legend of King Arthur or any Tolkien (I know, shocking).

    Have a fab time in Cornwall!

  7. I think my love of castles comes from myths. My parents used to drag the kids (including me) to every castle in a driving radius from where we were on holidays. I'm thankful. If you ever get the chance, visit Neu Schwanstein in the south of Germany.

  8. I went through a huge Greek myth phase when I was a kid. I still love books that use any kind of myth as part of the storyline. Juliet Marillier has some great books based on Celtic myth.

  9. Hey all, had an excellent time, will post about it soon.

    Toraa & Renny - yup many myth are of Celtic origin. I adore Norse myths, I even names my toy cat Wedensday after Odin :-), being a Girl though I alway had a liking for Freya. and your right there are some great stories about trolls!

    tinsie - how is this possible!

    Arjan - I've been dying to visit that castle for years, i have like 100 wallpapers of it for my puter.

    SQT - I was luck I got to study loads of the Greek Myth was part of my undergrad courses. It was more like fun then a degree. Will definatly check out that author.


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