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Myth and Legends

I have a thing about myths.

I love them, reading about them finding any ties they have to history. As a kid I almost dies when I found out that Troy was a real place. My love of Myth and Legends is probably why I ended up doing a degree in Ancient History. As a kid my parents would regale me with stories from Ancient India, tale of demon's and gods and normal people getting caught up in the most extraordinary adventures. This could be why I love fantasy books so much (thank you Tolkien).

Britain has as many myth as anywhere else but there is one that I can safely say hold some international fascination and that's the Legend of King Arthur. I don't know what it is but something about that particular story has had people dreaming for a long time.

Tomorrow I'm off to Cornwall, where ancient history can bee seen with your own eyes. I'll be dragging E off to Tintagel.

I've no idea (I don't think anyone does) if this is the real Tintagel (the castle of King Mar…