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Well its been ages since my last post. We had two weeks of glorious sun in London and then it disappeared and left us in an odd state of grey rainy days. With June round the corner I'm sure we are all hoping for a lovely summer ahead - even if we can't see it yet.

I've been working like mad and running around after my demanding family so have neglected this blog and barely read anyone elses.
The only problem with parent who care a little too much even though your 25 and married, is that they don't stop caring too much. Thus taking up all your time, I think my laptop will shun me soon for lack of attention.

Anyway here is something I LOVE, Sushi!

I ate myself silly in Japan and tonight E is making me more. Last year I sent him on a Sushi training thing for his birthday.

Great present for him...purely selfish for me...

Here is some he made earlier
Tell me something you LOVE? actually I don't mean I mean something you absolutely go insane far, have craving for and withdrawal…