I've been watching the new series of Heroes, I've also had a huge comic book shipment. It's so nice to be home and have the joys and cheapness of Amazon back. Anyway it got me thinking about the question "Who is your Hero?"

Perhaps we pick people we want to be like, or people we could never become in real life who knows. There is probably a million books on the subject. I was also thinking how much I want super powers and why do people always complain when they get them!

My heroes tend to be fictional, you can give me the psycho babel explaining this if you like but now here are my top 3.

You might have noticed I use her as my Avatar, she super smart being a living computer, direct and nothing gets by her. One of those Comic characters that doesn't get as much press as she should. Check her out in New Excalibur.

2. Sydney Bristow
After 5 seasons of Alias I was more then hooked I was devoted.

3. Xena Warrior Princess
You can stop laughing, to me Xena is perfect.

Before anyone says anything I do have one male hero - Indiana Jones but I think he deserves a whole post to himself in light of Crystal Skull coming out soon.

So who is your Hero?


  1. I won't laugh, I love Xena.

    Sydney stopped working for me after a while, though I liked her at first.

    Mystique is my avatar. She's not really a hero, but she's a great, ambiguous figure. And oh so powerful.

    My favorite heroes right now...

    The Christian Bale version of Batman.
    Daniel Craig as James Bond. *mrorw*
    Ellen Ripley from Alien.
    Indiana Jones
    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine *double mrorw*

    Wow, other than Sigourney Weaver, this is just turning into a list of my crushes..

  2. I think I am still looking for my hero.... in real life.

  3. I read a lot of comics, and I really don't remember Sage.

  4. SQT - can so see where you are coming from!
    Gucci -good luck!
    FWkid - Sage was part of the Hellfire club, Xtreme Xmen and now Excalibur, she totally rocks

  5. Ooh, love this post. I don't think I have a hero, or if I do, I totally can't think of one right now. I bet this question will keep me up at night...

  6. Would it shock you if I said: I don't think I have any? Or maybe, if I think carefully: Winnie The Pooh as I like his philosophy and the way he cares for his friends.

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  7. Virtuel or not Virtual world

    - most people do not understand

    it's made by humans

    have a bright future

  8. Currently I'm a big fan of Warpath. He's cool. But you'll need to read the comics you bought to see why!!!!!

    My heroes are Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Watson and Crick and of course Spider-man

  9. I'm not big on heroes, but I am a bit partial to Jack Bauer of 24 and Lee Adama of Battlestar Galactica.

    BTW I love Amazon too :-)

  10. Oh, you asked a question at the bottom of your post:

    Who's your hero?

    Well it's the woman I share my bed with.
    Second to her?
    My two cats.

    But, if you asked me:
    Who would you not loose?
    A: My 4 kids.

  11. Hey: its 1st of May - labours day! Welcome over to celebrate with us in Sweden!

  12. Donnald Trump but thats just materialistic power hungry Lee

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