London Calling

Greetings All, Sorry I've been quiet recently but I've moved home to London!

We left the lovely land of Oz on the Friday before Easter, 32 degrees and the sun on our faces. 24 hours later we land in the snow and high winds at Heathrow Airport. You should always worry when the pilot say something ominous like "We are going to attempt a landing".

Its been a few weeks and getting settled in, so I'll be back spoon!


  1. Welcome back to Europe again then - keep us posted :-)

  2. warm...32 degrees...what are you nuts! Then I realize you wacky Euro's use Celsius.

    The only thing the metric system is good for is doing engineering calculations, not having to worry about conversions, and being multiples of ten.

    When I was doing engineering stuff in school, and the problem was in English units, I would convert everything to metric, get the answer, and then convert back to English. I hated doing the weight/mass multiplier!

    OK...done with geek talk.

  3. So glad you are back home in London!

    What a beautiful photo!

  4. Welcome back! Bet the weather's been a bit of a shock, eh?

  5. Good to have you back, will be better when you BLOG MORE. (and you know, when we get a chance to meet up of course)

  6. wow, that is so awesome. I hope to visit London someday, but as of right now I'm broke. haha What a beautiful photo!

  7. Old world charm meets modern day convenience...give my regards to the queen!

  8. hi, tks for popping over and hope you'll settle well in london :)

  9. Hi
    I do know this date very well: It's my BD.
    -- and I'm not surprised, but your fabulous photo.

    Sorry for my "absence" lately. I did post about it TORsday evening.

  10. Retro comment:
    Welcome back to Europe.
    On my Birthday.
    Could not believe this cold, in spite of Global Warming. What's wrong? Me not know.

  11. Hiya...sorry to have missed your blog and welcome back to London :D

  12. Thanks FiFi, alas its not one of mine but it is lovely none the less.


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