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Another World

A friend of mine came over to Australia to visit me, so naturally no trip over would be complete without visiting the Great Barrier Reef. Even though I've been before I was terribly excited, as soon as we were on the plane the two of us were positively giddy. After getting soaked to our skin in Cairns (Rainy Season!) the morning came and we boarded the boat that would take us out.

Even if you've been diving or snorkeling before, even if you've seen every documentary on the ocean nothing can really prepare you for how wonderful it is, the first moment you put your head in the water and look all around you. Its more then just fish or coral, its the abundance of life all around. The colors are far more vibrant then any photograph can capture the shoals of small curious fish swim right past your mask, the bigger ones just at arms reach.  Creatures you didn't believe could be real are just swimming along like everything it normal. It truly is another world right here on eart…

I'm giving up Me for Mii

There is a new thing in my life, I never expected it, at first I resisted. I came up with a million reasons not to but its allure was too strong to deny. Yes that's right I've fallen prey to the Wii. I never had a games console of my own, my 286 PC back in the day could only handle Space Invaders and if I was lucky a DOS game called Crystal Caves. Occasionally I'd visit a friend or cousin and play something like Sonic or Prince of Persia but until E came into my life with his PS2 I never really got the whole gaming thing. Even then I was so awful that it never took hold. Until now. Like thousands before me I've been suckered in and now look forward to holding that WiiMote in my hand for hours on end.  First it was Wii Sport, now the word Sport and Shadow never ever went together the only sport I like is Ice Hockey and I'm purely a spectator. We can blame School Physical Education for my hate of anything sporty but I'll save that one for therapy, if  I ever need t…