Have a lovely holiday all and see you in the New Year...

(Not sure who took this pic but its amazing)


  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Shadow.

  2. Merry Christmas! What is it like to be spending Christmas in the summer?

  3. Gucci - Thanks, I hope your having fun

    Tinsie - Its very very strange, after lunch we all went for a walk along the beach all I kept thinking is where is the snow or the rain? It feels more like a hot easter or something. Plus its not the same without Wizard of Oz on BBC2 at 7 am. Hope your having a lovely holiday


  4. Well, let's just say we had plenty of rain - and a fair bit of fog - on Christmas day. Perhaps we got it all and there was none left for you guys ;-)

  5. Agree, it's fantastic -
    have a wondeful time in 2008.

    ps - I happened to mention you on my last blog -- ooohh , oonly as a link

  6. a bit late for christmas wishes, but on time for wishing you a happy new year!
    I posted a review of the Life aquatic ost and will not forget your battlestar gallactica plug.

  7. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Look forward to reading your posts!

  8. that is so stunning
    piglet and I were saying on new year that one new year we would go see the fire worx at the operha house

  9. Belated Happy New Year!

    Good news for you in 2008: You on my blog roll ;-)
    (sorry you where out in the first place!!)


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