Giant Spider

As I said in my previous post I've been trying to finish a novel but besides that I do get up to other things.
Like Laundry, I was hanging some out on the back deck the other day and rapidly running out of space, because three rather large spiders had made their homes in the washing lines and I like to leave bugs to their business. It reminded me of our recent jaunt to Mount Coot-ha, one of Brisbane's Botantical Gardens. If you ever in the area I highly recomend it, it totally free, a great place to spend the day and is home to this Lady. 
I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo (thank you E for getting so close) but this is one huge Spider and Australia is literally crawling with them! But I had been told "if its not a red back or a funnel web don't worry" - they were wrong...
These Golden Orbs (at least I think its one of the genus Nephila) can grow to be massive, like our friend here and have a nasty bite, which luckily, isn't deadly. But the point is they BITE and there I was provoking not one but three! I swear their beady little eyes were gunning for me. So I've decided the washing can stay wet cos I'm staying clear of these girls...perhaps I'll get E to move them...

N.B You might have noticed I've added a little thing about comments in my sidebar, the reason being I don't like being mean and I really hate when people are mean to me...


  1. Interesting, I suppose I am less caring about my environment and others that shares it. I would have just taken a stick at it or something. One thing I can vouch for are the spiders bite, I got my first one in Oz back in April, it was a tiny one but definitely hurts.

    As for the people leaving mean comments, what’s wrong with you? would you appreciate someone doing that to you? if you haven’t got anything decent to say then don’t, get a life.

  2. why is it that australia has such crazy deadly massive insects, reptiles, and other assorted animals?

    personally, I would probably have relocated that to spider heaven...its bite has got to really hurt bad.

  3. That is such an awesome picture! P.s. I would never leave you a mean comment. ****hugs****

  4. thankfully spiders don't get as big over at my place.
    These Golden Orbs really are huge.

    Biggest bug we got would probably be a dragonfly.

    btw check out the soundtrack for Dexter (tv series - not dexter's lab) it's brilliant.

  5. Holy crap! That thing looks like it's capable of dragging a dead rat into that web!

    You're writing a novel! Cool!

  6. People who leave the mean comments shouldnt even bother you! Just laugh at it! And that spider is hideous!

  7. Vice decision those where really giant.
    I remember when I was in Australia more then 10 years ago (mostly in Perth), there was a lot of 'strange' animals and very exotic for a Norwegian. One of them I remember was the red neck. Didn't got a bite, but I have a t-shirt with a picture of it, just as a souvenir.

  8. Yeah. I'm not a big fan of spiders. I try to let them do their own deal, I just don't like them.

  9. Little spiders I can cope with, large ones would be a challenge (ahem).

    Australia is way too exotic for my tastes.

  10. I'm so happy to read your blog again. U know after a Vacation in South America (Argentina-Uruguay-Paraguay-Brasil) - only 17 days - it felt like years.

    What you here tell is very interesting. And useful for us when visiting your part of the world in a short future.

    I promise to visit your site more frequently when job and leisure stabilize.

  11. Hey SF,

    Long time no see and good luck in your writing pursuits. I'm sure you will triumph if you find the required discipline (that's one of my many weak points!).


  12. Thanks for warning - even we for the moment are very far away from spiders. It's frost outside...

    Merry Christmas

  13. The chances are if you said something that's offensive then yeah you're asking for mean comments. So if you savagely bashed someone like a character from Buffy or criticised a specific culture harshly then yeah you're likely to irritate random readers. I do believe in freedom of speech on the internet but most of the time we have to watch what we say if we blog. Some people who are way more ruthless and sarcastic do exist after all.


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