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Have a lovely holiday all and see you in the New Year...

(Not sure who took this pic but its amazing)

Giant Spider

As I said in my previous post I've been trying to finish a novel but besides that I do get up to other things.Like Laundry, I was hanging some out on the back deck the other day and rapidly running out of space, because three rather large spiders had made their homes in the washing lines and I like to leave bugs to their business. It reminded me of our recent jaunt to Mount Coot-ha, one of Brisbane's Botantical Gardens. If you ever in the area I highly recomend it, it totally free, a great place to spend the day and is home to this Lady. I'm not sure if you can tell from the photo (thank you E for getting so close) but this is one huge Spider and Australia is literally crawling with them! But I had been told "if its not a red back or a funnel web don't worry" - they were wrong... These Golden Orbs (at least I think its one of the genus Nephila) can grow to be massive, like our friend here and have a nasty bite, which luckily, isn't deadly. But the point is…