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Creative Juice

If anyone has any spare creativity or seen mine can they post it over to - Mental Girl,  Somewhere in Oz,  Writers Block Motorway,  4109.  Thanks I'm trying to finish my current novel. I mean current not because I'm a paid author - no just another lowly person on the publishing food chain but because I've never been able to finish. My laptop has several half baked ideas stored in its databank. I have loads of enthusiasm going in, I million words, characters and chapters waiting to pour out and after I get about a quarter of the way I'm stumped. I know what I want to happen say, three chapters on, but for the moment nothing - a great big blank.  Suddenly cleaning the kitchen floor seems like a fantastic way to spend the day or you find yourself agreeing to all sort of things to avoid sitting down in front of that keyboard with nothing. I prefer to wait for my muse to speak to me and therein lies the problem - seems they get called away just when you need one! I know I'm n…