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I'm trying to finish my current novel. I mean current not because I'm a paid author - no just another lowly person on the publishing food chain but because I've never been able to finish. My laptop has several half baked ideas stored in its databank. I have loads of enthusiasm going in, I million words, characters and chapters waiting to pour out and after I get about a quarter of the way I'm stumped. I know what I want to happen say, three chapters on, but for the moment nothing - a great big blank.  Suddenly cleaning the kitchen floor seems like a fantastic way to spend the day or you find yourself agreeing to all sort of things to avoid sitting down in front of that keyboard with nothing. I prefer to wait for my muse to speak to me and therein lies the problem - seems they get called away just when you need one!
I know I'm not the only one - we've all been there. It defiantly happens to the pros as well, there have been about a zilllion times I've been reading a book and it seems like you hit four chapters of madness before returning to the real story. Harry Potter 5 I'm convinced suffered from this in a major way which is why the middle lot about Umbridge should have been ripped out.
I digress, now that I have time to concentrate on writing (as E is out there earning all of the bread) I'm going to finish something. My plan is to write a certain amount a day - whether its any good is totally irrelevant, thats what editing is for (if I ever get there). Sometimes I can't help but laugh at something I wrote weeks before, least it keeps me entertained, if a little closer to the white jacket.
But if anyone has any other handy tips to avoid the over crowding on Motorway please feel free to share.
(Please note the pic is not me, last time I tried that the pencil took on a life of its own and launched itself in the direction of my eye)