“The universe is made of stories, not of atoms.”

Quote from - Muriel Rukeyser
The Universe is a big place.

I often find myself staring at the night sky, when I was a kid I'd lie out in the back garden and try and spot constellations.

I've blogged about my love for stars before, it probably why am such a geek for anything remotely Sci-Fi.

I like believing that every time I'm staring up at the sky dreaming of other worlds, something somewhere out in the vastness of space, is looking back and thinking the something.

I really think if people truly understood how magnificent space was, we'd be able to look past the petty things that make us different and realise just how connected all of us on this little planet are.


  1. Most of the people I deal with are so narrow-minded, the only space they've known is the huge void between their ears, and their universe consists of one or two blocks in Detroit.

  2. I totally agree with you, Shadowfalcon!

    Welcome back :-)

  3. my neighbour has a massive telescope and whenever theres some important thing going on in space we turn off all the lights for the 30acres of both properties and go star gazing.
    But thats all I have to say about that

  4. either that or people would go nuts, think the end of the world is near, and go raping and pillaging...

  5. Hi SF, long time no see - we've bothe been very busy it seems. Space is magnificent and I wish I had time to ponder on its magnificence more:)

    Hope all is well down under.

    You've inspired me to listen to Space is the Place by Sun Ra. Ta!

  6. First of all welcome back - I've missed you, you know!

    Then i so much agree with you - a great post and thoughts you have here: we are connected in one way or another and visiting your blog is a great reminder.

    Wishing you a great end to your week :-)

  7. How nice you are back! I love the starry nights as well.

  8. Hiiiii~!!! :D Welcome back my dear friend and also for dropping by too...welcome back to the universal blog world hehehe...

  9. Welcome back

    That was deep and am not sure how to take it.

  10. I suspect if people get into space they'll just find more excuses to be narrow-minded. But we do need to get into space, if for no other reason than to say that we have.

  11. Hello shadowfalcon,

    I used to do that as well. lie back on the grass at night time and look up into space and wonder who is looking back down at me.

    It is nice to know that I am looking into infinity


  12. Well, I'm not sure humans are more different than any other species in the World.
    But, on this planet we are. By Human laws and regulations.
    A recent excample: A Bear are shot when killing one sheep. Death penality without trial.
    Humans are killing millions (sheeps).

    Missing sheeps? fill out the blanks
    Not Shot - but given public (tax-payer money)for 25 bears killing 25.000 cheeps a year. 14 Bears killing 25K? What about dogs?

    Sorry -hate me for that fact. Then I will be a Puma my next life.

    Have I ever met a bear? Yes. With mutual respect. No dogs. That's important.

    Standing there. In Silence. Tranquille. Say nothing. Not move. Just - just - watching - in silence- for an "eternity".

    If you say - it's not that simple: Your mind is That Bear is MY TROPHY. (don't kid)

    At the end: My point is: Respect.
    (Who was there first?) Even Humans sometimes have to obey Nature. Today that's more important than ever

    PS, I know where on this Planet you live. But, and do not forget: Car accidents kills more children than all animals together. And Wasps - kills more humans than all other togehter - except polluted water

  13. IE - dropped down -

    thank you 4 this post.It did something wiht me: Think -Perspective.

    Honestly, after 3 Cats killed by Cars on the Road - allways in the Fall- and at the same road - we realized the Nature - so - our Cats are back to Winterhome in due time


    TorAa Norway

  14. space...it's big
    like proper big!
    and we're small...real small in comparison
    and when you think about the relativity of it all...it's a little scary just how small we actually are and how connected we are and should be


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